I am a Research Scientist at Facebook AI (FAIR) in Pittsburgh. Prior to joining FAIR, I received a Ph.D. in Robotics from Georgia Tech where I was advised by Byron Boots and was part of the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent MachinesDuring my Ph.D. I interned at NVIDIA ResearchAmazon Robotics, and Honda Research Institute.

I work at the intersection of robotics and machine learning and I am broadly interested in bridging the gap between the two, towards making robots move and do useful things. In general my research focuses on topics like motion planning, imitation learning, controls, estimation, and SLAM, with applications ranging from navigation to manipulation.

Email: mukadam DOT mh AT gmail DOT com


2019/09 - Two papers accepted to CoRL 2019.

2019/07 - Paper accepted to ISRR 2019.

2019/07 - Successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis!

2019/06 - Paper accepted to IROS 2019.

2019/06 - Our paper on GP motion planning won the 'IJRR Paper of the Year' award! Georgia Tech article here.

2019/05 - I will be joining Facebook AI Research (FAIR) as a Research Scientist this fall.

2019/05 - Patent on Autonomous Vehicle Policy Generation published.

2019/01 - Our work on RMPflow was featured on NVIDIA's Blog and GeekWire.

2019/01 - Paper accepted to ICRA 2019.

2018/10 - Passed my thesis proposal!

2018/09 - Paper accepted to WAFR 2018.

2018/08 - Organizing a Workshop on Imitation Learning and its Challenges in Robotics at NeurIPS 2018.

2018/06 - Paper accepted to IROS 2018.

2018/06 - Papers accepted to AuRo and IJRR.

2018/03 - Organizing a Workshop on Learning and Inference in Robotics at RSS 2018.

2018/03 - Our work on CLAMP is featured in Georgia Tech's ML blog.

2018/01 - Paper accepted to ICRA 2018.

2017/12 - Will be interning at NVIDIA (Seattle) during Summer 2018.

2017/09 - Paper on CLAMP accepted to the 1st CoRL conference as a long talk.

2017/08 - Interning at Amazon Robotics (Boston) during Fall 2017.

2017/07 - Presenting paper on STEAP at RSS 2017. Open-source code released here.