I am a Ph.D. student in Robotics at Georgia Tech being advised by Byron Boots and a member of the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines. I also collaborate with Frank Dellaert and Sonia Chernova. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, I received a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

My research primarily focuses on motion planning, estimation, and learning from demonstration, often employing probabilistic and machine learning tools, for autonomous navigation and mobile manipulation. During my Ph.D. I have interned at NVIDIA ResearchAmazon Robotics, and Honda Research Institute.

Recent News:

2018/09 - Paper accepted to WAFR 2018 in Merida, Mexico.

2018/08 - Organizing a Workshop on Imitation Learning and its Challenges in Robotics at NIPS 2018.

2018/06 - Paper accepted to IROS 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

2018/03 - Organizing a Workshop on Learning and Inference in Robotics at RSS 2018.

2018/03 - Our work on CLAMP is featured in Georgia Tech's ML blog.

2018/01 - Paper accepted to ICRA 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.

2017/12 - Will be interning at NVIDIA (Seattle) during Summer 2018.

2017/09 - Paper on CLAMP accepted to the 1st CoRL conference as a plenary presentation.

2017/08 - Interning at Amazon Robotics (Boston) during Fall 2017.

2017/07 - Presenting paper on STEAP at RSS 2017 in Boston. Open-source code released here.