TESSAL - Teaching Enhancement via Small-Scale Affordable Labs, Georgia Tech Spring '15, Summer '15, Fall '15

TESSAL is an initiative to develop in class lab experiments using low cost embedded processor technology for fundamental ECE courses. I TA'ed under the director of this program, Bonnie Ferri and organized, conducted and revised lab experiments for the following courses: Fundamentals of Digital Design (ECE 2020), Circuit Analysis (ECE 2040) and Signals and Systems (ECE 3084).

ECE Senior Design, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Spring '13, Fall '13, Spring '14

This course is the culmination of a student's undergraduate degree and entails applying their knowledge and skills to build a practical project. I TA'ed for this course under Scott Carney and Jonathan Makela and mentored 8-9 projects (group of 2-3 students) every semester. I was included in the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their students in Fall '13 and Spring '14 (outstanding ratings). Guiding students to success and a complete working project was a lot of fun and I got to see some really innovative projects and ideas. Here are a few exceptional ones that I mentored.

Chalk Robot

Sprinkler Robot

SLAM on smartphones

Magic Wand

Chalk Robot, Spring '13 Instructor's Award: best project that semester

Smart Sprinkler Robot System, Spring '13 Area award: Conservation

MIDI controlled slide guitar, Spring '13 Area award: (1) Controls (2) Art and Music

Driver Sleep Detection and Alarming System, Fall '13 Area award: Computer Vision

SLAM on smartphones, Fall '13 Area award: Smartphone Technology

Automated Self-cleaning Solar Panel, Spring '14 Area award: Solar Energy

Magic Wands Battle Game, Spring '14 Teamwork Award